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  • Movers of the Earth

    4.5"x12.5" oil on gessoed paper, 2018
    8.5"x16.5" with gold leafed matt and repurposed frame
    Not For Sale
  • Ready to Receive

    5,5"x7" oil and gold leaf on gessoed paper, 2018
    Not For Sale
  • Untitled (telephone pole)

    4.5"x6.5" oil on shellacked paper, 2018
    7.5"x9.5" with gold matt and frame
    Not For Sale
  • Behind the Clouds

    4"x10" oil on shellacked paper, 2018
    Not For Sale
  • Progress

    3"x4.5" oil on gessoed paper, 2018
    6"x8" with frame
    Not For Sale
  • Power Lines

    2.5"x4" oil on canvas, 2018
    5"x6.5" with gold leaf matt and frame
    Not For Sale
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Framed Micro Paintings
This series was started for my 2017 West Austin Studio Tour show at the Neill-Cochran House Museum. To blend into the surroundings and style fo the house I framed many small paintings in reused frames and placed them around the hallway I was displaying in. The themes of the work were precursors for my Nocturne show, showing many studies of night scenes, construction, and urban landscapes.
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Framed Micro Paintings
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